Tips for Growing Your Social Media

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Identify Your Audience

One of the most important things you can do to grow your social media platforms is to identify who your brand’s audience members are. Think about who you are trying to appeal to (age, gender, geographic, etc.) and utilize this knowledge when creating any of your content. If your target audience is mainly female, consider women’s priorities, interests and concerns, and use that knowledge when you’re deciding what to post.


Create High-Quality Content

Once you’ve identified your audience, next comes creating relevant, high-quality content. The key words here are “high-quality.” If you post a photo or video with low resolution or bad quality, it might drive people away. Your followers want to see visually appealing media. Consider using a professional camera and editing them before posting on your platforms.


Interact with Your Followers

If your followers are commenting or liking your posts, interact with them. People love when brand’s comment back or follow them. This shows that you are interested in seeking a relationship with your audience. In addition, Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms recognize this budding relationship and will reward you by showing your content in their feed more often.


Create a Content Calendar

The things you post on your business social media accounts should never be random or impulsive. Every post should have a purpose and strategy behind it. If you’re currently running a campaign, have the posts relate to it. And don’t forget about holidays and seasonal posts. One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re posting with purpose is by creating a content calendar. Before every new month, think about what your plans are for the next few weeks, and plan out your posts for the entire month.


Use Popular Hashtags

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Trust the Pros

We can’t all be good at everything and social media is no exception. It takes a lot of time, intuition, and patience to understand your audience, build your content, and interact with your followers on a regular basis. Luckily there are professionals who have years of experience and the tools to grow your brand’s social media presence effectively. Want to know how we can help? Contact the social media pros at Insiconnect today!




On Your Way to Becoming a Social Media Rockstar

Growing your brand’s social media presence might not happen overnight, but when following the tips we’ve mentioned, you’re on track towards social media success!


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